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Passover: The Biggest Holiday of Them All

My passover break started a few days ago. I have 2 and a half weeks off to do as I please. It feels wonderful to not be forced to get up at 8am for Arabic.

Tonight, there is Passover Seder. I am being hosted by a family that was found for me through the university. This is my first real seder with actual Jews. In the past, I have attended Christian knock-off seders but I feel that there is a certain authenticity and sincerity that was missing from those (read: Jewishness). This meal is sure to be an interesting experience, expect a full report later.

Later this week, I am going to Jerusalem. I am going to be couch surfing and attending Easter services. Before I leave I will post a semi-coherent list of some things I am going to do while I am there. Suggestions are welcome.


Israel: Geography 101

Israel compared in size to Sacramento.

As more people found out what my plans are for the next semester, I have gotten a lot of questions about Israel. People have been fore mostly concerned with my safety (a future post will be devoted to why I think this is the wrong question to ask), followed closely by curiosity about Israel’s geography and climate.

My friend Curtis asked me the other day how big Israel was in relation to the US. I recently found a wonderful website that beautifully answered this question. So for your veiwing pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: If it were my home dot com. Check out the map that places Israel on top of the US! (Also, as an added bonus some other fun standard of living comparisons.)