Passover: The Biggest Holiday of Them All

My passover break started a few days ago. I have 2 and a half weeks off to do as I please. It feels wonderful to not be forced to get up at 8am for Arabic.

Tonight, there is Passover Seder. I am being hosted by a family that was found for me through the university. This is my first real seder with actual Jews. In the past, I have attended Christian knock-off seders but I feel that there is a certain authenticity and sincerity that was missing from those (read: Jewishness). This meal is sure to be an interesting experience, expect a full report later.

Later this week, I am going to Jerusalem. I am going to be couch surfing and attending Easter services. Before I leave I will post a semi-coherent list of some things I am going to do while I am there. Suggestions are welcome.


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